Jumping / Organizing Events

Rhythm holds a variety of jumping events throughout the year for those who are interested in a lot of fun with a strong focus on learning as well.  We emphasize a low pressure, highly positive environment.  For our schedule and to sign up for an event, go to the Schedule/Sign-up Page.

Invitationals, Big-Ways and Skills Camps


Rhythm Invitationals, Big-Ways and Skills Camps are 8-40+ way events geared towards skydivers interested in doing larger formation jumps.

How does it work?

Rhythm holds events of variously-sized skydives ranging from 8way to 40+ways throughout the year.  Events are typically one weekend long. Because different formation sizes require unique skill-sets, our Rhythm coaches focus on developing the skills necessary for partipants to succeed and have fun at each event. At the end of the day, in addition to learning a ton and having a fun time in a positive environment, you'll be able to download video of all of your jumps for the day.

We offer a variety of events designed for different experience levels:

  • Newer Jumpers: get introduced to larger formations in a safe and positive environment
  • Experienced Jumpers: Join us for challenging events geared toward skydivers who have achieved a higher experience level.



Team for a Day


Love doing 4 way but don't have a team? Have a team and want to do more? Looking to improve your FS skills? Just off student status? Want to learn more about 4 way? Then you'll love SDC Rhythm XP's Team for a Day program.

How does it work?

Sign up ahead of time for one (or more) of the dates scheduled. SDC Rhythm XP will pair you up with 2-4 other participants and one Rhythm member. Groups will be 4-6 people in size, and paired based on similar experience and goals. This is not a competitive event. Your Rhythm team captain will plan the dives and lead the team through a day of jumping following the same format we follow when we train. You'll get the dives ahead of time. We'll stretch, creep, dirt dive, mock up the exit, and then debrief and repeat each dive and debrief at the end of the day. Each team will aim to do 8-10 jumps over the day, using the same training day plan that Rhythm uses when we train, to maximize learning and efficiency. At the end of the day, in addition to tons of new skills and a fun time, you'll be able to download video of all of your jumps for the day.

The team captain will work with you to outline a set of goals for the day. The dives will focus on the fundamentals of 4 way and formation skydiving as well as the specific goals. This way you can do Team for a Day over and over, and focus on something new each time.

This program is designed for:

  • Newer Jumpers: 4 way is a great way to learn the fundamentals of FS, form good habits, and see immediate improvements in your flying. If you can stay with three other jumpers and safely track away from a formation, you can successfully participate in Team for a Day.
  • Anyone who wants to improve their FS skills: Because the groups are matched based on similar skill level, and the coach sets dives and goals specific to each participant, Team for a Day is a great way for anyone to improve their FS skills in a challenging yet open environment.
  • Anyone interested in learning more about 4 way: This program is a great way to learn about 4 way technique and perhaps meet others who might be interested in forming a team.
  • Anyone who already loves 4 way: Whether you have a team for the season or not, this is a great way to get in some more good 4 way, without any of the hassle of organizing a team, video, loads, etc.!




Event costs vary and are described in full for each event, which is available on our Schedule/Event Sign-up Page




Tunnel League

Exciting, Fast-paced, Formation Skydiving Tunnel Competition!


The original tunnel league blender, an Advanced division vertical block

Fast and furious 2-way tunnel competition at iFly Chicago.  Compete as an individual with five other people over 10 rounds with the tunnel league’s very unique dive pool.  Different divisions range from Rookie to open, so anyone with tunnel experience is welcome to join.  This novel event is available a few times this summer, so sign up early to secure your slot.

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