Rhythm Player-coach and Project teams

Player-coach Teams

Are you looking for a way to improve your RW skills?

Do you want to train on a team?

Do you want to compete?

Whether you want to brush up your RW skills, learn more about competition skydiving, or augment other team plans, Rhythm player-coach teams are a great opportunity. Teams will be matched up by similar goals and skill levels, so whether you're new to the sport and want a fun and safe learning environment, or have competed before and want to train more seriously, this project will have an option for you.

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Each team will include one Rhythm captain as player-coach. 8 way teams will compete at the USPA Nationals. Four way teams will have an option to compete in local MWSL meets and the NSL Championship in Deland, Fl. We can also find a fill-in for those teams looking to compete at USPA Nationals.

Your Rhythm captain will take care of all of the communication, planning, organization, coordination with dropzone, tunnel, video, packers, alternates, etc. The budget and schedule are set ahead of time -- there will be no surprises or additions (unless all team members agree to add training). You just show up, train, compete with your team, learn a ton and enjoy!

  • Avoid the hassles of organizing a team, coordinating training, finding video, keeping a team together and other challenges.
  • Budget and schedule are set so there are no surprises or extra expenses
  • Train at two world-class facilities - Skydive Chicago and Paraclete XP. Paraclete XP is the ONLY wind tunnel in the US large enough for 8 way and all of the 4 way blocks and randoms. Skydive Chicago has 2 lightening-fast Super Twin Otters as well as an awesome facility, including a huge hangar, cafe, campground, full service gear and rigging shop, lounge, Tiki Bar, gym, swimming pond, auditorium, on-site judging, and more
  • Train alongside other teams for added learning, encouragement and camaraderie
  • Training is consolidated into 5-7 weekends total, leaving you plenty of time for other jumping, other teams, family, and other activities
  • Get the most out of your training by having a coach planning every camp and on every jump
  • Guarantee a positive and safe learning environment by having a coach guide the team through an efficient, goal-based, positive training process
  • Team training plans and engineering have been developed using methods developed and used by Rhythm over the past 5 years
  • Learn and improve your RW skills in ways that only team training can provide
  • There will be multiple teams with varied goals, experience levels and commitment. Whether you want a fun, low key team, or want to train hard, there will be an option for you


Project teams

Rhythm is also available as a dedicated season-long coach for project teams.  Think of these as a player-coach team where the coach does not fly with you.  We are deeply involved from day one through Nationals helping with everything from scheduling and planning to fourway technique.  If you have a team looking for this type of coaching, or you are alone or don't have a full team and are looking to build one, this may be perfect for you!  Click the button below to learn more.  



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Check out video from previous years' projects here:  8way SDC Octimus Prime,   8way SDC Synergy and  4way SDC Hawks.