Women’s Skydiving Leadership Network

Women pervade the sport of skydiving and there are amazing women performing at the top levels of the sport in all disciplines.  However, our numbers are small with only 13% of USPA members being women, and only 10.9% of new A-licenses in 2015 were women.  We believe that a key to promoting more women in the sport is having more women instructors, role models and mentors at various drop zones around the country.  Getting more women to participate in skydiving is a challenge and the lack of women in leadership and teaching positions is a clear contributor to this disparity.

The Women's Skydiving Leadership Network is aimed to provide women the skill, knowledge boost, and confidence they need to encourage more women to confidently become local organizers, leaders, and teachers within the skydiving community. Being exposed to and learning from a network of successful and established female skydivers will help spread the excitement to other up-and-coming women, help more women obtain leadership roles, and cultivate an environment conducive to recruiting and retaining women in the sport of skydiving. More information coming soon at the Women's Skydiving Leadership Network website