Justin Wagemanjustin

Position: Video
Email: justin@rhythmskydiving.com

From: The Midwest
Hometown: Plymouth, MN
Birthday: 08/21/90
First jump: 2008
# Jumps: 2,200+
Tunnel Time: 40 min
Gear: PD Comp Velo 90, PD-R 113, Cypres 2, Javelin Odyssey, Cookie Fuel, L&B Viso 2 and Optima
Former teams: SDMW Next 
Skydiving Influences:
Hobbies / Activities: Reading, Cooking, Video games, Homebrewing, Disc Golf
Occupation: Skydiver
Education Degree: B.S. Philosophy UW-Madison
Competition history:

  • 2016 1st Advanced US Nationals 4-way; 3rd Intermediate US Nationals 8-way; 1st AAA MWSL 4-way
  • 2015 1st Intermediate US Nationals 4-way; 1st AA MWSL 4-way


How I got into Skydiving: My grandma bought me a tandem for my birthday and I immediately wanted to go back up. 
What I like best about 4-way: The competitive atmosphere and opportunity to push and improve my flying abilities.
What I like best about SDC Rhythm XP: Steve's great jokes.
Favorite moments with the team: Hearing Steve's great jokes.
Outside of Skydiving, one day I hope to: Come up with jokes as good as Steve's.