Team Overview

SDC Rhythm XP is a 4way formation skydiving team that competes both nationally and internationally, winning medals in competitions across the world and within the US.  We were founded on the principal of bringing both fun and professionalism to a sport we are very passionate about. Since the team's creation in 2007, we have grown every year both competitively and as a coaching organization, achieving success in the sport just as we help others do the same.  Below are some highlights of that time:

2016: Rhythm matches our highest skydiving average after one year with new lineup

  • Doug and Andrew join the team from Carolina Turbo, and we take on new positions
  • At US Nationals, the team comes in 2nd with a 23.8, matching our highest average to date
  • Rhythm comes in 3rd at the Paraclete Indoor championships
  • Rhythm Player-coach 4way and 8way teams medal at US Nationals
  • Rhythm establishes the Women's Skydiving Leadership Network, dedicated to advancing women in the sport



2015: Rhythm has strong performances indoors and outdoors

  • At US Nationals, the team comes in 2nd with 23.6
  • At the Bedford World Indoor Challenge, the team places 2nd with 27.3
  • Player-coach teams include two 4way teams and one 8way team, all competing at US Nationals.  Intermediate 8way team SDC Octomino places 2nd at Nationals
  • Rhythm again breaks the previous IL State Women's FS record, with over 40 women



2014: Rhythm reaches the podium at two big meets this year

  • At US Nationals, the team comes in 2nd with 23.6
  • At the Dubai International Parachuting Championships, the team places 3rd with a 23.8



2013: Rhythm comes in 2nd at US Nationals

  • At US Nationals, the team comes in 2nd with 22.7
  • Player-coach teams include two 4way teams and one 8way team, all competing at US Nationals
  • Rhythm successfully leads the IL State Women's FS record, with 35 women
  • Rhythm takes on the role of Midwest Skydiving League director. Under our guidance, the league grows to see the most competitors at a meet ever, multiple times




2012: Rhythm reaches the open class podium at US Nationals for the first time, with 2nd place

  • We score 23.8 at US Nationals
  • The team also comes in 2nd place at the Indoor Skydiving Championships in Singapore





2011: Our first international jumping competition, Dubai International Parachuting Championships

  • The team places 3rd in Dubai
  • We score 21.5 at Nationals, earning 4th place, just one point off the podium



2010: Rhythm's first full year as full time skydivers

  • We score 20.5 at Nationals in Open
  • At Skydive Chicago, Sebastian, and Paraclete XP, coaching and instructional activities expand. Our efforts focus on coaching newer skydivers looking to develop their RW skills, individuals learning 4way, and teams looking for top-level coaching
  • Rhythm begins the player-coach project with one 4way team and one 8way team



2009: The team moves drop zones. Skydive Chicago is our new summer home, with Skydive Sebastian as our winter DZ. JaNette and Steve quit their regular jobs

  • Rhythm scores 18.1 at Nationals in Open
  • Our coaching and instructional efforts grow. Additional events include jumping skills camps as well as more tunnel coaching, team for a day, and boogie organizing



2008: We begin giving back to the skydiving community through team for a day, tunnel coaching workshops at Paraclete XP, scrambles and other organized events

  • Rhythm scores 16.9 average at USPA Nationals Advanced class, the highest score ever in that division


2007: Rhythm is formed at Chicagoland Skydiving Center
  • Team training includes 300 jumps and 20 hrs of tunnel training
  • Team score increased from 10.9 in intermediate at the beginning of the season to 14.5 at Nationals in Advanced (3rd Place)